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Jumpstart your yoga business in just 3 days

Justin Michael Williams and Karen Mozes have helped hundreds of yoga teachers from over 40 countries find success in the yoga business. In this video, they speak from their own personal experiences about how learning essential business strategies completely transformed their personal and professional lives for the better. You can do that too, and it should not take you years, or even months to get there. In fact, you can complete ALL of the yoga business essentials in just 3 days! With a clear roadmap you can immediately succeed at the things that matter most, and stop wasting time and money on things that do not move your business forward. Justin and Karen are the world’s leading Business of Yoga experts and they have distilled this information down so that you can invest your energy where it counts. 

It's not about being busy; it's about getting real results.

In the Yoga Business Bootcamp you are invited to come get all the essential business tools done with us. No more to-do lists! Come get a professional yoga photoshoot and headshot, a custom website, newsletters, business cards and much more DONE. The most perfect time for you to get all of these done is NOW. In addition to all these great tools, you will receive personalized coaching from Justin and Karen in an intimate, small group setting. You will be part of a small and select group of teachers that are truly ready to catapult their businesses. Ready?

You will leave this event with all of this completely done:

  • a custom, state of the art website that will help you build your business on autopilot
  • a professional photoshoot with the top yoga photographers in the country  
  • a graphically designed and customized brand across your social media
  • marketing and social media training to fill up and sell out your yoga programs
  • one-on-one time with business experts, Justin and Karen
  • instant access to our 10-week Business of Yoga online course
  • and so, much more!


How it all works:

Los Angeles, California - 2017

To apply for one of the upcoming events you must fill out an application. Since space is extremely limited for these events, we hand-select every participant. Once you fill out the application, you will then receive a link to schedule an exclusive 20-minute interview with business experts Justin and Karen. If, during the interview, we feel you are ready to come join us, and you feel ready to say YES to a career of your dreams, then we get you registered and reserve your spot at one of our events. 

Additionally, once you register, you will receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS to our 10-week Business of Yoga online course (that’s a $890 value). The course will be available to you, for a lifetime, and has over 30 hours of incredible business content - everything you need to know, from accounting, sales, marketing, social media and much more. The online course is in itself a life-changing program. You will be thrilled to watch. 


Registration cost for this 2.5 day event, including a professional yoga photo shoot, complete website and business coaching = $3,000

CO event group shot.JPG

Our big promise with this event is that you will: 

  • Learn how to stand out as a yoga teacher by identifying and sharing your personal story
  • Build your own business strategy (we call it business funnel) to strategically drive students to attend your classes, workshops, retreats, and trainings
  • Have a stunning brand that is totally authentic to you, including yoga photoshoot and headshot
  • Understand the roadmap to greater financial and time freedom
  • Identify your unique programs and how to sell them out, ever time
  • Use your online presence to engage your audience and fill up your workshops, retreats, and trainings  
  • Design a website that will help you grow your business on autopilot 
  • Get students to sign up for your newsletters
  • And, much more..

This is perfect for you if...

  • You have been teaching for a while but are still struggling to grow your yoga business
  • You are contemplating transitioning to teaching full time but do not know how to get started
  • You are just starting in your yoga career, but want to begin with power
  • You have a dream to teach yoga and create your own unique programs to help transform students’ lives 
  • You know you have a lot to offer, but are struggling to fill up your classes
  • You worry about competition, and how to truly stand out in the oversaturated yoga market
  • You are not sure where to invest your time and money effectively to create real business results
  • You have a website but your website is not helping you sell your programs or get students to sign up for your email list
  • You don’t have a website yet!
  • You are ready to experience greater time and financial freedom

Registration cost for this 2.5 day event, including a professional yoga photo shoot, complete website and business coaching = $3,000


This is not for you if...

  • You do not have five hours in total to dedicate to the pre-bootcamp training
  • You are not ready to make a change in your life and business
  • You do not have access to a personal computer and/or internet

San Diego, California - 2016

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Registration cost for this 2.5 day event, including a professional yoga photo shoot, complete website and business coaching = $3,000