Justin Michael Williams and Karen Mozes are leading-edge visionaries creating a tidal wave of conscious activation. Their combined mastery creates a radical shift in perspective. They skillfully guide the entrepreneur through everything it takes to build a vision and carry it all the way through. Both Justin and Karen are essential anchors of my own personal dream team. Their approach is the perfect combination of heartfelt and savvy. If you are ready to activate your soul purpose, I recommend with all my heart saying Yes to this training!

Kathleen Shiflett talks about the opportunities that The Business of Yoga online course and the Bootcamp event created for her.

Rachelle Luczynski discusses how the Yoga Business Bootcamp is different from other business building programs. 

Karen and Justin are two of the brightest stars I know! Unparalleled in their respective competencies to KICK ASS with beauty and grace, together they’re a powerhouse team capable of launching any conscious professional to the cosmos. They’ve made miracles happen for me! I emphatically recommend working with them if you want success with soul!

Time, money and effort well-spent. I expected excellent marketing and business advice, which I got. What I did not expect is how the process clarified what my yoga means to me, and what I truly want to teach. This clarity is making me effective as a teacher and a business person in a way I never was before. Justin and Karen gave me the skills to keep growing long after the training is finished! Highly, highly recommended.

Alyssa Ablan discusses how the Yoga Business Retreat helped her push through her resistance against marketing.

Ali Owens discusses what it was like to work with Justin Michael Williams and Karen Mozes at the Yoga Business Retreat. 

Justin and Karen are so hands-on and personal. They dive right in with you. They are phenomenal resources. They really helped me feel empowered to move forward with my business and yoga career.

I got so much clarity and inspiration about my work in the world…what our business is, and how to grow while staying in integrity and in alignment with my values.

Janet Wenger describes how Justin and Karen helped her define her niche and take action towards building her yoga business. 

Emily Herrick explains how the online course helped her finally make her yoga business idea a reality.