We are so excited to welcome you to the Yoga Business Bootcamp!

As we mentioned, there are several tasks you MUST complete before attending the event. If you do not complete everything on this page by the defined deadlines, you can still attend the event, but you will not gain the maximum benefit and experience. 

Carve out some time each week to get all of this done. It will not take you very long if you focus. 

STEP ONE: Book your lodging and travel for the Bootcamp.

miami social squares.png

The Bootcamp is a 2 1/2 day experience. Our schedule together: 

  • Day 1 - Wednesday: Your photoshoot appointment will be on Wednesday afternoon between 12-5pm. You will be with us for your photoshoot for under an hour, then you are free to enjoy the rest of the afternoon until our evening session. Wednesday evening opening ceremony will be in from 6-8pm. 
  • Day 2 - Thursday: We start at 8:30am on Thursday and finish around 6pm.
  • Day 3 - Friday: We start at 8:30am on Friday and finish our closing ceremony around 6pm.
  • You'll want to be there the entire time. 

We're still confirming venues in the Ft. Lauderdale area for this event. It will be in Ft Lauderdale, near to Las Olas. We'll let you know location details ASAP.

You can make plans to fly into Miami or Fort Lauderdale airports. Using a taxi, uber or Lyft is the best way to get around town. Or, you can use hotwire.com to book easy and cheap rental cars. We recommend the websites expedia.com and airbnb to find a place to stay nearby. 

STEP TWO: Select your website & design preferences

Design Questionnaire

The following Questionnaire must be completed by the requested deadlines so that we can get started on your artwork and branding prior to the event. If you have any questions about any of these forms, please reach out to our Design Director -- Connie Holen -- at connie@yjbusinessofyoga.com. 


  • Deadline: Tuesday, July 24th
  • BEFORE YOU FILL OUT THIS QUESTIONNAIRE, there are several items you must complete: 
    • Watch the Naming Your Website, Building Your Yoga Brand, and Building a Powerful Website videos available in the online course (directions to access below). It's essential that you watch those videos BEFORE completing this assignment. Within the online course, skip the other videos for  now and just watch these 3 so you can complete your bootcamp prep work.
    • Buy your domain name on GoDaddy.com (if you already have a domain someplace else, that's also fine!) 
    • Create an account on Mailchimp.com and fill out all of the required verification information. Here's a quick video that shows you exactly how to do it. 
    • Go to www.design-seeds.com to choose colors for your branding + website. Here's a quick video to show you how.
    • If you have any additional branding or logos that you would like us to include, please email them directly to connie@yjbusinessofyoga.com 

Website Copy and Content

Please send all of your website copy directly to connie@yjbusinessofyoga.com. Our design team DOES NOT automatically get content you upload to the online course platform.


  • Deadline: Friday, July 27th
  • After watching the recommended videos, you should get started on writing the first draft of your COPY for your website. If you send us the text for your 6 primary pages by the deadline, we will have that text on your website at the Bootcamp. If you are unable to make the deadline for content submission, please contact Connie for to coordinate an adjusted timeline.  
  • Use this outline to write out your site map and prepare your content. Please be sure to send your version of your site map to Connie.
  • You will have the chance to change and edit your copy at the event, so do not get stuck in perfectionism! 

STEP THREE: Watch training videos as time allows

As part of the Bootcamp, you get access to our full Business of Yoga online course! We recommend that you watch the entire course before you attend. However, there are EIGHT particular videos and assignments that should be your priority to complete before you arrive.

San Diego event group shot.JPG

If you arrive at the Bootcamp without these items complete, you will have trouble keeping up with the group. If you have any questions or problems, email us right away

You should have received an email from AimHealthyU inviting you to join the Business of Yoga online course. Follow the instructions in that email to get started. If you cannot find your email invitation, click here now to create your account for the Business of Yoga online course. Use the promo code BOOTCAMP100 to waive the fee. You do not have to pay anything additional for this course, so be sure to enter the promo code to bring your cost down to $0. 

Once you create your account, you will be able to access all of the videos mentioned below. 

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to SAVE a copy of all of your assignments on your own computer! Do not rely on the course dashboard submission for saving your work. Website content you upload to the course dashboard DOES NOT automatically get sent to our design team. ***

1. WATCH -  Week 2: Standing Out as a Yoga Teacher: Your Signature Story

  • Watch the video and complete the assignments. 
  • Arrive at the Bootcamp with your Signature Story ready to be shared with the group. 

2. WATCH - Week 2: Naming Your Website

  • Watch the video, follow our recommendations, and purchase your domain through www.godaddy.com
    (IMPORTANT: Yes, there are a lot of other places you can purchase a domain, but if you don't already have one please buy yours through GoDaddy. We've found the connection process with GoDaddy to be much quicker and easier than other providers!)
  • If you already have a domain name and don't need to change it after watching the video, keep what you have but bring your domain host login information with you to the bootcamp. 
  • If you domain is currently with Wix, we will need to transfer it. Please contact Connie to coordinate.

3. WATCH - Week 4: Building Your Business Plan - The Funnel

  • Understand your funnel and come ready to the Bootcamp with at least ONE Signature Program’s name and description. What are you selling your clients other than public classes? You must arrive at the Bootcamp with this ready. 

4. WATCH - Week 4: Growing Your Email List - Signature Gift

  • Watch the video and complete the corresponding assignments, then COMPLETE your Signature Gift. 
  • Have your Signature Gift complete and ready by the time your arrive at the Bootcamp. We will have a little bit of time to perfect it while we are there, but you want to have it as close to completion as possible. 

5. WATCH - Week 8: Building Your Yoga Brand

  • Watch this video before selecting your colors, branding, and photos (see below) for your website. This video will help you build a brand that's totally aligned with you. 

6. WATCH - Week 8: Sending Newsletters that Actually Work

  • Understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to newsletters, so that when you get to the bootcamp, you can fire out your first newsletter without any headaches.
  • You must also import your contacts and set-up your newsletter account BEFORE the bootcamp, don't worry... we filmed a video to teach you how.  (See below). 
  • Create an account on Mailchimp.com, complete all the verification info, and import your contacts. You'll need this for the Bootcamp!
  • CLICK HERE to see how to set-up your mailchimp account and create a list.
  • CLICK HERE to see a step-by-step guide showing you how to add your contacts to mailchimp.  

7. WATCH - Week 8: Writing Your Bio

  • Write your bio following our formula and have it ready to go at the event. You will have time to edit and adjust this bio if needed at the Bootcamp. 

8. WATCH - Week 9: Building a Powerful Website

  • It is essential that you watch this video before you start working on the content for your website. This video gives you a clear roadmap of what you'll be getting at the Bootcamp. 

That's it!

You're done with your prep work. Nice job! Watch your email the week prior to bootcamp for the photo shoot schedule and we'll see you soon!