Bootcamp Design Questionnaire

The following information will help our design team create a website and branding that match your authentic style. Please do not complete this form unless you have watched the required prep work videos: Naming Your Website, Building Your Yoga Brand, and Building a Powerful Website.

Before you fill out this form, please take a moment to look at the three options for your website templates. These are just sample websites, so please remember that EVERYTHING will be able to change, including the fonts, colors, and images. We just need you to select one template as the foundation for your website.

You may need to select "Visitor Access" and enter the Captcha to view the following templates:

Template 1 - Five:
Template 2 - Impact:
Template 3 - Heights:

After reviewing these templates, fill out the form below.

Name *
(if you have a brand name, nickname, yoga specific name etc.)
Do you currently have a logo, branding guidelines etc? *
If so, please email them to Logos should be in .PNG, .JPG or .PDF form.
In one or two sentences, please describe your sense of style. For example, are you playful and hip? Zen and minimalist? Are you inspired by specific textures, patterns, or images? Etc. Tell us a little more about yourself.
Please go to this website ( and choose no more than 3 colors to be used as the main color scheme for your website. Once you've chosen your colors, enter the 6 digit color code for each color. Please indicate ONE color as the PRIMARY color of your site. The other two colors will be secondary and used for accents. If you prefer to send a photo of a scene in nature to build the foundation for the color scheme of your site, please email it to
(eg. If you do not currently have a domain, please go watch the video listed on your checklist and purchase your domain through
If you didn't purchase your domain through GoDaddy, include the domain registrar name as well. You can also email this username + password to if you prefer not to transmit it thru this form.
If you have more than one list already in Mailchimp, also leave the list name you'd like to use. You can also email this username + password to if you prefer not to transmit it thru this form. (haven't set-up your mailchimp account yet? Watch this video for the how-to...
Out of the sample website templates provided to you, which do you choose? *
Remember, this is only the baseline template, but will be edited to become more custom for you.