How Mindfulness Can Help Boost Your Productivity

All month we’re focusing on fusing yoga into your business. We believe that the teachings we learn in yoga can be transferred into the way you build and grow your business.

This week Justin sits down for a groundbreaking interview with Lorin Roche, leading meditation teacher known for his meditation research and his book The Radiance Sutras.


During the call, Lorin gives tangible quick tips on how meditation can help you keep the heart of yoga while building your business.

Lorin explains that meditation is resting in passion and how meditation is really saying yes to what you want and love in life.Meditation can help quiet the noise and allow you to be in the presence of what you really love and truly want in your business.

You definitely want to listen in to what Lorin has to say about what your mind ‘wandering’ or going through your to-do list actually means when you meditate.

Listen in and share your thoughts in the blog comments section below.

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