What the Heck Is a Hashtag?

Justin and Karen explain hashtags, and how to use them in social media posts to effectively to grow your yoga business.

If you think #hashtags, also commonly known as the pound sign, are just these things we press on the phone after we enter our credit card numbers… well, keep reading because there’s a lot to learn.

Hashtags have invaded the social media world in a major way. And learning to effectively use them can be a game changer for increasing your digital reach and brand awareness. But let’s be clear about some important hashtag distinctions. Not all hashtags work exactly the same way. Here's what you need to know:

Hashtags that Add Emotion and Tone to Social Media Posts

Some hashtags, what we have termed here emphasis hashtags are simply used to give a post a certain tone and add a little emotion—think of emphasis hashtags as the Emojis we use on our phones when sending text messages—or emoticons we use in emails or smiley faces we used in old-school hand-written notes... :-) But instead of a little icon, a hashtag is a word followed preceded by the # sign. Example: let’s say you just had a horrible experience at a restaurant, you could post something like this: Just ate the worst breakfast ever #OMG #worstmealever #wasteofmoney. In this way, you are adding humor and your own voice to your post with an emphasis hashtag.

Smart Literal Hashtags that Drive Conversation

Another hashtag type is the smart hashtag. We use these hashtags when we want our posts to be searchable in the social media world. If I post something about yoga, and I use the hashtag #yoga, then when anyone searches for yoga-related posts, and they type #yoga, my post will show up among the community of posts about the same topic. There are thousands of people searching for hashtags about yoga-related topics on social media. Think of the keywords that you should use to appear in front of the audience that is searching for you and use these keywords in your next post.

Unclear on hashtags? Watch our Social Media Video Tutorial

If you’re still feeling unclear about hashtags, watch our short video explaining everything in detail.

Comment and let us know if you are feeling empowered to use #hashtags. Post something on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, using #myBusinessofYoga to show us what you've learned about growing your yoga business on social media.