Time is Money: how to effectively manage your time with David Martin


Have you noticed how some days you accomplish everything on your to-do list in record time, but other days it takes all your energy to get one task finished? It can be frustrating, but today we're going to share with you a new way to look at time so that you are always checking off your tasks on your to-do list.

This week Karen sits down with David Martin, consultant, coach and yoga instructor, to talk about time management. David shares his valuable insights and best tips for managing your time and even gives us a new way to look at the time in your day.

One small shift in how you plan your day may have you accomplishing your goals on a regular basis. Listen in to hear how David teaches his clients to use mindfulness to go after their goals and achieve them.

Every moment is unique and some moments are more valuable than others.
— David Martin

Want to learn more about David and his work? Check out his website. https://www.davidmartinco.com