The Secret to Successfully Rebranding as a Yogi

How do you reposition yourself and the type of class you offer after you have refined your teaching? Specifically, rebranding yourself to people who have formed a prior opinion. - Steffi

It is not unusual to start our careers by teaching a certain style, getting to be known for a particular program, book or event we create, and then somewhere along the way we realize it’s time to move onto a different path. We are all constantly evolving, and change is always positive if it is based on our desire for growth. The tricky part of changing directions is that we may end up disappointing our current fans. Despite the fact that people may choose to move apart due to our change in direction, there are things we can do to help our community grow with us.

We talk more about this on our short video. For instance, regarding branding, you must be bold about the change: make it visible, notable and exciting across the board. You must be in celebration mode for the change and try to hit multiple areas of your business with this change, even if the change does not affect all of these areas. If you decide that teaching a strong vinyasa flow 2/3 is not your priority anymore, and you now want to infuse more therapeutic teachings, you may change the name of some of your classes to reflect that, and start to address your new teachings on ALL of your classes.

You may also create a new workshop to promote this new type of yoga you are now teachings, and have a brand new signature gift that speaks to that. Your social media and website can display new cover photos and you would use your messaging help your current students feel excited about the change. Give them great content, get them inspired, and give them a clear call to action so they engage with this new phase of your business, learning and growing with you. Watch our video for more tips.

Remember: not everyone will follow, but that’s part of the process. We grow, they grow, and we all win, even if the paths are no longer merged.