The Power of Heart-Centered Sales

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Have you ever felt like a tennis ball was stuck in your throat as you discussed prices and went through the details of your packages with a client? Having a sales conversation can be one of the most uncomfortable aspects of running a business, but, as we all know, without sales there is no business. If you want to stay in business, mastering a sales conversation is critical. However, there is a way in which the sales conversation can feel natural. We coined this type of sales approach: HEART CENTERED SALES. We cover the critical steps for mastering selling from the heart.

We can all feel good about selling when we know it comes from the heart – when we connect with our understanding that what we are offering can literally transform another person’s life. Most of us struggle with sales because we are not reminding ourselves that if our student/client says no to working with us, perhaps his/her struggle may never be resolved. When we connect with this truth, the sales conversation becomes easy, perhaps even fun!

Do not focus on their problem, focus on their potential during these conversations.

The key skill in selling from the heart is to be a masterful LISTENER. Learn what your students need and help them see that there is way in which their struggle can be overcome – whether it is by losing weight, mastering a hand stand, getting fit, reducing stress, sleeping better, etc. Stand for what is possible for them and see that your skills in sales will drastically improve. Watch our step-by-step teaching on how to sell, from the heart.