Fusing YOGA into your Business

We’re so excited to bring you a new topic this week: fusing yoga into your business!

Normally we’re talking business, but this week we’re teaching you how to bring the yoga principles that you practice and teach in your classes into your business.

Justin and Karen talk about their personal creative spaces and why it’s so important to have a designated space to retreat to for your work. They give you three important reason for creating a sacred workspace that feels motivating and allows you to focus and be productive.

Also in this video, Justin takes us through an intimate tour of his sacred space and how he uses it to create and focus on his business. “It actually feels good for me to come into this space. The world shuts down for a second and I get to sit in my sacred space full of things that I love and that pick me up…so that I can do the work I was meant to do in this world.”

Whether it’s crystals, your favorite mug or a new notebook, even the smallest personal touches can make a big impact on your work! Share the elements of your sacred space with us in the comments below.