Listen to Real Signature Stories

Connecting to a powerful Signature Story is the best way to stand out as a yoga teacher. Listen to some great stories below from some featured graduates of our Business of Yoga program. This will illustrate the true power of this teaching. 

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More about Tony: Tony’s devotion to the path of yoga and self-expression fills his classes with both knowledge and intensity, while his big heart lends sweetness and compassion. His classes are infused with biomechanics, philosophy, breath work and often times live music. He pulls inspiration from his diverse artistic background and this, in turn, creates the vision and voice for his teachings. Tony’s greatest joy is in helping to awaken new students’ passion for yoga and to see new and seasoned practitioners find deep freedom and self-expression in the context of a safe and loving environment. Tony is the the co-owner of Yoga at the Raven, a beautiful sanctuary located in Silver Lake, CA and the founder of Meditate Study Practice (MSP) - a program designed to be accessible to students and teachers of all levels and life paths. Tony leads monthly workshops and 200 and 300-hour teacher trainings, in Los Angeles and abroad.


More about Aria: Aria has been a yoga practitioner for 18 years and a teacher for over 10 years. She teaches an alignment-focused class, specializing in Core Strengthening, Therapeutic Yoga and Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga. Her yoga experience ranges from working with celebrities and athletes, to teaching donation classes to new immigrants.  Aria is also a Birth coach and a Birth Doula, having attended over 50 births. Aria believes that our bodies possess an intuitive intelligence and an energy that makes all things possible.


More about Jack: Learning to love all aspects of myself, even my deepest and darkest secrets, has opened my heart to true love and ignited my personal journey of transformation. In learning to share who I am without shame, I discovered my life purpose as a yoga teacher, coach and singer. I lead transformational workshops and retreats in over ten countries. My Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga inspired classes are infused with live music (guitar and vocals), self inquiry and personal empowerment. Whether you join me for a yoga program or coaching intensive, we journey into profound self inquiry and create a strong sense of connection to the heart that will open you up to new possibilities in life.


More about Brad: My personal mission is to live a complete practice of yoga so I can feel and communicate with the Truth I hold inside, and then manifest that Truth in the world around me through my thoughts, words and actions. My professional mission is to teach others the skills for living a soul-based life so they, too, can find their Truth and live their Purpose. I use and teach Heartfull MeditationTM, which I have found to be the most effective meditation practice for the modern world, to connect to my soul, and the life-affirming practices of Purna Yoga (asana, pranayama, applied philosophy and nutrition/lifestyle choices) to integrate that connection into my daily life. Since finding this practice, I am living a better life in a better way, and I invite you to join me.


More about Jenna: Jenna Pacelli is a Yoga Teacher and Board-Certified Holistic Health Coach in San Francisco, serving clients and students all over the world. She helps her clients navigate radical life changes and transitions, helping them heal at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. She teaches people how to create a beautiful life despite their stories and struggles, like the lotus that grows from the mud. Through their work with Jenna, her clients experience radiant health, deep, authentic joy, and a whole-hearted renewal of their commitment to life. To connect with Jenna, visit

To learn how to craft your own Signature Story, click here to view our free training video.