How to Connect with Your Avatar Clients (using a quiz!)

By now you’ve figured out who your avatar clients are, but how do you connect with them in a meaningful way? 

Avatar clients make marketing easier because you know exactly who you are targeting. As a business owner, you want your marketing to offer exactly what your client wants and reach the right person at the right time.

With marketing you want to connect with your avatar client and build trust. While there are many ways to connect and build trust, this week Connie shows you a NEW way to reach your clients!

Through the use of quizzes, you can hook your ideal client with a topic that grabs their attention and makes them want to engage with your content.

Connie shows you exactly how to build a quiz and questions to include in your quiz to get to know your clients. With these actionable and practical tips to create your first quiz, you’ll connect with your clients on a whole new level.

Quizzes are great for list building, connecting with your audience and establishing yourself as a thought leader on a certain topic.

You don’t want to skip this teaching!

Additional quiz-building resources:

Let us know in the comments section the topic of your first quiz!