How to go pro with your email signature block

So much business happens over email these days. From newsletters to personal responses, email is one of the most effective communication vehicles for your business. We know you spend so much time checking, writing and responding to emails each week.

But how can you up level your email communications?

Well, this week Connie Holen, Business of Yoga Designer and Digital Marketing Manager, walks you through one of the most important aspects of your emails: your signature block. You’ve seen those cool signature blocks with headshot, contact information, website and social media links. Not only is this information super important to have listed at the bottom of each email, but it also looks incredibly professional.

Connie’s step-by-step tutorial shows you exactly how to quickly and easily create an effective signature block for your emails. Let's get started! 

How did it go? Let us know in the comments how you set up your signature block!