How GDPR Affects YOUR Yoga Business

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What you NEED to know about GDPR and how it affects YOUR yoga business! 

What on Earth is GDPR?! We know you’ve been getting so many communications from companies recently about GPDR and you may be wondering what is all of this about.
Today Justin is taking the time to break down the new law and how it affects your yoga business. You need to listen to this if you are processing any type of data from anyone in the European Union, even if you aren’t located in the European Union!

What is GDPR? It stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, a new European law that went into effect on May 25, 2018 and impacts every person who collects personal data from anyone in the European Union. This includes email addresses and building an email list and then using that information for marketing purposes.

You may be thinking, this doesn’t affect me because I am not located in the European Union, but if you have a website it does. Even if your business is not located in or targeting the European Union, if someone who lives in the European Union comes to your website and signs up for your email list, you are now processing data from the European Union and you now need to comply with GDPR.  Don’t worry, Justin talks through what you need to know to be compliant!

In addition, GDPR directly impacts some of our teachings on the collection of email addresses, building an email list and signature gifts. The teachings are still valid, but there’s an extra step that needs to be put in place when collecting data from anyone in the European Union.

Take the time to listen to the recording and get informed. We advise seeking legal counsel if you have any further questions on how this impacts your yoga business.

Are you GDPR compliant?