New Teacher Checklist: 10 Essentials for EVERY YOGI!


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Not sure where to start your yoga career? Here, 10 smart steps to put your best foot forward!

As a new teacher, where do I get started? Everybody says “teach your friends” or “teach for free” - it seems like everybody who is interested in doing yoga is already paying for it, and my friends? Do yoga? Lol. My friends do video games and pizza. - Michael Thompson


What a great question. We bet Mike is not the only one coming out of a teacher training contemplating the same question.

Start with 3 business essentials

1. Clear vision

What kind of life and business you want to create?

2. Clear purpose

Why did you become a yoga teacher?

3. Clarity around your ideal clients

Based on #1 and #2, what types of clients/students you want to serve? Students who may have never experienced yoga or who don’t seem initially interested in it may in fact be the type of students you want to attract. It depends on your vision. If these are the students you want to serve then remember that your story—your personal “why” that explains how you found yoga and then decided to become a teacher of it—will be what will inspire others to follow.

10-Item To-Do List for New Yoga Teachers

In addition to deciding who you want to serve, you can also laser-focus on some essential business building blocks. Here are 3 of the 10 we explain in greater detail in the video.

1. Create an engaging website.

Use the website to display your “why,” your teaching style, and even your vision!

2. Create a great signature gift.

This will help you collect emails and grow your community.

3. Never forget your practice.

Your personal practice will help guide your classes and will inspire others.

Get 7 more to-dos for new teachers in the video

And remember this: Avoid perfectionism. It is better to move forward and get the feedback you need to course-correct than to not move forward at all because something does not feel “perfect.” You are ready now! So, go do this!