Moving from Competition to Collaboration


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Competition drives progress—up to a point. And, right now, the yoga business is at a tipping point that can either turn amazingly positive, or unfortunately sour. With over 20 million yoga practitioners in the US alone and another 46 million people interested in trying the practice, according to Yoga Alliance, it is time teachers and studio owners understand and embrace that competition is an unnecessary game.

Why Competition Isn’t Necessary In Yoga Business

For one, the demand is currently far surpassing the supply. Additionally, collaboration, not competition is what will help create a positive yoga movement that can truly impact the huge number of people seeking this practice.

Students may be initially looking to stretch their bodies, but they are more likely to connect and become devoted to the practice if they can experience the sweet taste of cooperative service. Why? Collaboration is a fundamental survival mechanism of the strong. Collaboration, not competition, instigates ideas and fast-forwards movement. Yogis have the opportunity to step into this game differently than people running other business sectors have. Yogis can co-create a business and a practice that truly reflects their teachings.

Be an example of this, and remember that when the tide rises for one, it rises for everybody. Let’s all rise together. Learn how in the video.

3 Steps to Embrace Collaboration in the Yoga Community

In our interview with Yoga Alliance spokesperson Andrew Tanner, we discuss the origin of competition, how it poisons the yoga business, and three amazing steps you can take to reverse this paradigm in your own classes and studios. Let this interview make you think and grow in your practice and business. This is yoga: