Let's talk about Money!

Today we’re talking about a topic we love: money! We’re about to get really candid about money and the role it plays in our business and lives.  

Money is the vehicle to your message and your business. The harsh reality is that your business cannot survive if you aren’t making money. 

Our money mindset is oftentimes formed subconsciously in childhood and we make decisions or assumptions in our lives based on these deep-rooted beliefs.

Justin and Karen share their favorite tips about money and the freedom that comes from shifting limiting money beliefs into a mindset of abundance. A couple small changes in your money mentality can make a big difference in your financial future.

When you make a plan to work towards your financial goals, you have a greater chance of success. When you want to see change, you have to pay attention. Take a hard look at your money mindset, track your progress and spend your money on what actually moves you towards your goals and ignore the distractions that steer you away.

We want to see you succeed. What’s your story around money and how are you going to change your relationship with money? Share your story in the comments section below.