How to: Retain Your Students with Yoga Inspired Service


We recently had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Micah Mortali, Director of the Kripalu Schools of Yoga and Ayurveda. Kripalu is a great example of a place where community is formed organically and students come back again and again for more. We wanted to know their secret ingredient: why does Kripalu have such high retention and continue to grow and thrive after so many years in business? And, yes, their programs and teachers are truly outstanding, but there is more to it than just that.

Everyone involved with Kripalu, from those interacting with the students to every person running the business behind the scenes, is trained in what Micah has coined “Yoga Inspired Service.” Under this practice, Micah shares the three essential ingredients for keeping students happy and coming back for more. Whether you are an independent teacher, a studio owner, or even if you just want to chisel out your sales and customer service skills using yoga-based language, you definitely need to watch this interview.

In addition to some other amazing tips, we also dive into making key distinctions between reacting versus responding and autobiographical listening versus deep listening. These teachings form the foundation of skillful, powerful communication that will completely elevate and revolutionize your business endeavors.

We absolutely LOVED Micah’s teachings and learned so much from it. And we know you will too. Watch our interview and get great at attracting and keeping your clients:

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