How to: Overcome FEAR + COMPETITION


We can teach you the best business tips in the world. We can give you tools, tricks and strategies to help your yoga teaching career thrive. Yet, if we do not address one of the biggest impediments to success, none of this will matter. The biggest roadblock to success, it turns out, has nothing to do with knowing how to run a business: this obstacle is called FEAR. Fear comes disguised in many forms, making it at times very difficult to identify. It turns our mind towards focusing on the negative and thinking about other yoga teachers and studios as COMPETITION, and it turns us away from being able to create real magic in our own lives.

To distinguish fear from reason and to recognize the many faces of fear is the first and most crucial step. Precisely diagnosing what is blocking our path to success allows us to treat the cause, instead of patching it over with some unrelated solution. Then the next step is to move beyond fear in the direction we wish to go. We must learn the antidotes to fear so that when we recognize it and understand it for what it is we can then kill it from its roots.

We have some tangible and proven teachings that we want to share with you. Why? Because no business tip in the world will land in your mind and create real change unless you are armed against this most irritating obstruction of dreams - FEAR.  We are interviewing two incredibly powerful warriors on this topic, our beloved Sianna Sherman and Ashley Turner - not because they are immune to fear, but because they have learned to break past its ugly fists with the courage of a hero. We want you to step fully into your vision because, quite honestly, THIS IS YOUR TIME. 

Watch the webinar recording of our live conversation here::