Should Yoga Teachers Use Business Pages or Personal Profiles on Facebook?

The final word on the best approach to Facebook promotion for yoga instructors.

Business of Yoga FAQ: “Should I have a personal profile or a business page on Facebook?” 

We’ve heard your struggle. You’ve heard that you need to have a business page to promote your yoga business online, but all of your connections are on your personal profile and you’re wondering how to encourage them to “like” your new page. Or maybe you have a personal profile, but you do not want your students viewing private photos of your recent family adventures. And for those of you who DO have a business page, how much time are you wasting by posting everything twice? All of the confusion ends today as we answer the four key questions to help you make a decision about whether a Facebook personal profile or a business page is right for you.

Ground Rules: Facebook Strategy for Yoga Teachers

Before we get to the four steps that will help you determine the best Facebook strategy for you, we’ll cover two important ground rules for the conversation.

1. Know your options.

We used to recommend that all yoga teachers must create a business page to promote their yoga career, but this is no longer true. With Facebook’s recent changes, it may be more suitable for you to engage with your students through a personal profile instead. Both methods work great, but there are many pros and cons to consider, which we cover in the video below.

2. Never split your audience.

Although both options are possible, you must make a decision to have either a personal profile or a business page for promotion—not both. Having two profiles splits your audience, making it incredibly difficult to disseminate information to all of your students at once. This creates confusion and inconsistency with your brand. Plus, posting twice is simply a waste of time!

How to Determine the Best Facebook Strategy for Your Yoga Business

Now that we’ve covered the ground rules, watch this video to get answers to the four key questions that will help you determine which type of page will work best for building your business. Comment on the video or reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter to tell us which method works best for you.