How To: Get people to read your newsletters

We’ve worked with thousands of yoga teachers in over 40 countries and one question we always get asked is “how do I fill my classes?” Today, we’re sharing with you the exclusive tips we use to grow our own business.

Whether you are trying to fill your classes, expand your offerings or sell your next retreat, one of the most important aspects of building and growing your business is email. Yes that’s right, email. It is such a powerful tool to connect directly with your audience all at once and across time zones. Think about it: by sending an email you are able to reach your entire community no matter where they are located in the world. Pretty incredible, right?

But first, you have to collect email addresses and then share valuable content on a consistent basis.

In our own business, we’ve seen the power of our email newsletters and how important they are for connecting with our community. We’re so excited to give you our top tips to creating a newsletter that people will actually read.

From open rates to content suggestions, we’re giving you the rules we follow for our own business and the lessons we’ve learned from years of testing.

Rather than spell it all out, check out our video and let us know in the video comments which tips were the most impactful for you!