Build your strongest yoga community with these simple tips!

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Building community is a crucial element for running a successful yoga business, whether you are a teacher or a studio owner (or both)! A strong community means that students come to your classes, retreats, and workshops not only because they love you, but also because they cherish the other students that are there as well. It is much harder to convince a student to join you on your great retreat if that student does not feel he/she belongs to your community. In our video this week we give three awesome tips to building community that you can start practicing right away.

Remember that a strong community is not one in which you know your students’ names - a strong community means your students know each other’s names.

One easy, but often overlooked way you can help your students know one another, is by having them introduce each other at the beginning of the class. So simple, but so life changing! We know that yoga is about going within, but taking a few minutes to help your students connect at the beginning, and even at the end of class, will actually help lift the energy level for everybody. We cover two more great tips for you to start building a powerful community of students in this week’s video. We also cover the answer to the often asked question: how can we build communities without losing our privacy, or without crossing any boundaries? Great question, and we get into this this week! Don’t miss out. Watch the video now!