4 ways to accept payment online for your yoga business

We're continuing to talk about money this month! Today we are going to discuss one of the more practical topics for your yoga business: how to get money from your clients to your bank account quickly and securely. This might sound like a daunting topic, but it is definitely something you want to spend thinking about and deciding the best option for your business.

So you have something to sell…now what? Depending on what it is that you are selling, determines what kind of payment platform you should use. Whether you are selling private classes, a group retreat or products, you need the right platform to accommodate your sales right now and in the future. 

There are quite a few different payment platforms out there with a variety of tools and price points, but how you know which is right for you? Luckily, this week Connie walks you through the various payment platforms that yoga teachers need to know about.  

Watch the video below as Connie lays out the common products and services that yoga teachers sell and the best payment platforms for each and then let us know how you are using Connie's actionable advice in the comments below. 


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    *The Business of Yoga has no affiliation with or official endorement for any of the scheduling / payment processing companies mentioned above. This list is provided for information only. Please do your own research to determine the best tool for your business.