A Yogi’s Guide to Healthy Contracts


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We were so delighted to have a chance to interview Gary Kissiah at a recent Yoga Journal Conference. Gary has a great ability to share legal content in a digestible manner with the yoga community. Having helped many teachers and studio owners, he is highly qualified to share the key insights on all things legal. Since we, Karen and Justin, are not legally qualified to make statements regarding accounting, contracts, insurance, nor give legal and financial advice, we took this opportunity to get Gary’s insights on a topic that is essential for the success and peace of mind of our audience: agreement contracts (between studios and teachers.)

Why would we spend our time on this topic? Unfortunately, we have seen many teachers lose great friendships and a lot of money/time over misunderstood and, often times, highly avoidable expectations. Contracts are the healthiest form of legal protection a studio and teacher should have.

A great contract is one in which all essential items are listed, discussed, agreed and executed. A contract does not have to have everything in it, but it needs to have the fundamental items that will protect both parties and reduce the number of wrongful assumptions and unmet expectations.

Gary shares with us the ten must have items in your contracts, and we discuss why each is so important. We cover all the logistical stuff so that teachers and studios can operate with the peace of mind they should embody as examples of a solid yoga practice. You do not want to miss this interview. Take detailed notes and look for these items every time you sign a contract moving forward. When you spend time carefully attending to the details, the rest of the journey can be peaceful and enjoyable. Watch this great interview here: https://youtu.be/jfGe4DKz5b8