5 Tips for Forming Lasting Yoga Business Partnerships


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These last few months we have been receiving lots of great questions from teachers all over the world. We are committed to answering them all. This week’s question is on forming lasting partnerships:

If you are creating partnership, what is important before you enter into business arrangement? How do I know if someone would be a good partner?

We love this question because we believe that co-creation is such an important aspect of success. We can go much further in life when we join forces with the right people. But we also know that partnerships are like marriages—if you want it to last long-term you must fully commit yourself to the relationship and know exactly what you are looking for.

How to Find Your Perfect Business Partner

So here are some key lessons we have learned that make finding and forming partnerships smoother and more fun.

Know your personal values.

First, you must know your personal values and use that as your guiding system. We cannot stress this enough. Finding the right skills is important, but given a choice between someone with the perfect ‘resume’ and someone with less-than-perfect resume but fully aligned values, go with the latter. Values are not teachable—not in context of work. If you want to find alignment and harmony in this relationship, then know your values and focus on the things that ensure these values can be honored in the partnership. Values are the very things that fill your mind, your physical space, your interests. Your values may be music and food, freedom, freedom of expression, having space to create, etc. Be specific with yourself on what your values are, so that you can more easily know when the right fit shows up.

Find a business partner you respect.

Second, you want to feel a deep sense of respect for this person. You must feel that you would hire this person and pay a great price to have him or her do the work you expect others will pay for. Here is the key secret: align values and compliment each other’s skills. Honor the fact that you each bring to the table your unique gifts. The moment the respect is lost, trust may start to fade away and that can lead to great disappointment.

Get three more tips for forming better partnerships in the video: http://youtu.be/63I2KJu2klo