5 Key Dos + Don’ts for Yoga Teaching Success


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What are the things that should NEVER be done when building a yoga business? What are the “do nots?” —Makiko

Karen and Justin’s response:

We prefer spending our time teaching you business tips that will help you grow your business, because as the saying goes, where your energy flows, energy grows. Moreover, we have seen it over and over again that one person’s unfortunate outcome or mistake, can be your opportunity and success. But since you asked, in this week’s video we will go there and name five critical things you want to avoid when forming or growing your yoga business.

5 Dos + Don’ts for Yoga Teachers

DON’T put all your efforts into growing the number of public classes you teach.DO focus on building trust by staying connected with students and creating a signature program you can sell them later.

Let’s start with what can truly stall your business. As a yoga instructor you may believe that you are, at first, limited to growing your business by forming a strong following in the studio only. Many teachers fail to see that their skills can take them outside the classroom and that in fact the studio classes are mostly about building awareness and increasing exposure. The rest of your business should be about maintaining great connections with these students (by collecting emails, via social media, and other methods that resonate with your style) and eventually selling higher priced programs that are unique to you. You add value, and you gain financial and time freedom.

DON’T enter in any business agreement without a contract.DO cover your bases and know what you need to include in a business contract.

Watch our video to learn what you must include in this contract to protect yourself and the partnerships you are forming. We have seen new and seasoned teachers lose money because a workshop was canceled but their tickets were not refunded. If a well-formed agreement had been signed, that could have likely been avoided. In other cases, studios will have expectations of teachers that are unmet because neither party is fully clear of each others‘ roles and responsibilities.

Watch the Video for 3 More Essential Dos + Don’ts