3 Steps to Building a Powerful Community

Communities are about people gathering together. Strong communities is about the gathering of people around similar values and ideals. While building communities may be possible by simply having a studio or teaching in an ideal location, a strong community takes a little more than that. It takes you forming a group of people that are aligned with your own values and ideals, and that, above all, share in the same interests among themselves. If you have a strong tribe, they not only know you, the chief, and your ideals, but they actually know one another’s names, ideals and values. Your community can lift one another and you are there just simply holding the space.

So, if that’s the case, then forming a community with students that have this strong relationship to one another is essential. To start, we recommend that you take a simple and impactful step - have your students introduce each other before you start the class. Even though yoga is so much about going within, and connecting with our center, a little warmth and connection before class transforms the mood and begins that engagement. When teachers know the students well and the students know one another, the bond begins to form, and the birth of strong community building is started. We give two additional and very impactful steps you can take right now to build this strong community right away. 

Ultimately, a community that has a strong bond will stick together and be there for you, and for each other, even when you are not on top of your game. This strong community is also more likely to invest time and money in higher priced programs with you, outside the public classes, because the event wont just be about you, it will be about the entire community who is now joining you. It’s game changer! Let’s build strong communities together!