3 Essential Qualities Every Leader Must Embody And How To Lead Powerful Communities




We wrote before on building powerful communities and the importance of having your tribe supporting one another, rather than you supporting everyone on your own. We gave you some great and simple steps you can start applying right away to create your yogi tribe. But questions still remain: How does one lead the tribe once it’s been formed? What are the essential leadership qualities that, when we learn to fully embody them, we can use to truly inspire and create entire new movements of change?

Leadership, contrary to popular belief, has very little to do with status of position or even skill sets. Although these are often associated with examples of great leadership - ultimately, leadership is a way of being and a way of thinking. It cannot be taught by reading a book. The simple conceptual understanding of leadership is not sufficient. What we need, as leaders, is the ability to assess every situation applying three essential qualities: integrity, authenticity, and courage/confidence. A dedication to honoring one’s words, to being true to oneself, and to standing in the face of disagreement and anger and remain courageous in one’s endeavors: these are the critical qualities of a successful leader.

There are a few ways in which these three qualities can be exercised in all of us, at this moment, to begin the stimulation and growth of our leadership muscles. Flexing these muscles, we get to not only create strong tribes, but also remain strong in our leadership through all the ups and downs. Integrity, for example, is not only about sticking to one’s word no matter what; it’s also about having the courage to admit to one’s faults and failures and help clean any mess made in the wake. In the event that one finds oneself in over one’s head, an exceptional leader does not hide, ignore, or make last minute excuses to others and to oneself.

At the end of the day, practicing leadership is much like the practice of yoga: it is an internal journey that gets heavily tested in our day-to-day lives. We want to explore this topic of effective community leadership because the world today is thirsty for a different kind of leadership: the kind that creates powerful movements, that is not vague, and that binds people together with trust and a greater vision. Let’s do this together. Learn more about how to lead a great tribe by watching the replay of our live conversation below. We will explore tangible ways in which you can start exercising your leadership muscle, and we’ll have our incredible guest Baron Baptiste speak on his personal journey of creating and leading an amazing global tribe of yogis.

View interview recording here: http://webinarjam.net/webinar/go/5784/a82afcd54f