Business experts Justin Michael Williams and Karen Mozes join forces with Yoga Journal Magazine to bring you the world's leading Yoga Business immersion.

Justin and Karen specialize in leadership, marketing, and business coaching, with accessible and hands-on tools intended to make every yoga instructor a successful entrepreneur. They are also the Founders of the Business of Yoga, LLC focused on helping yoga teachers build thriving yoga careers around the world. Their dynamic teachings have helped hundreds of yoga teachers from over 40 countries. 


About Justin


Justin Michael Williams will help you find your authentic voice and share it with the world. He is a vibrant public speaker, musician, and successful yoga instructor who travels the globe training the conscious community to thrive in marketing, media, and business. Justin has spearheaded the marketing development and social media of over 200 brands, both large and small, including, Sianna Sherman, Ashley Turner, Noah Mazé, and more. He is also the Co-Founder of the Business of Yoga, helping yoga teachers flourish in business. By using his expertise to coach individuals and nonprofits, Justin works to spread positivity and inspire change throughout the social web.
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About Karen


Karen Mozes is a successful entrepreneur, executive and life coach, and leadership expert. She brings to the world of transformational coaching, writing and public speaking her many years of dedicated studies and application in the fields of science, eastern philosophy, teaching and yoga. With several years of work experience in the corporate world and then as a principal at a sustainability consulting firm, Karen is uniquely suited to coach in business management, communication techniques and team leadership. Karen has created and successfully applied her own coaching programs, the Cinco Method (for entrepreneurs) and Team Climate Change (for design teams) across a wide range of sectors and company sizes. 
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We don't do it alone! We bring you a team of the highest caliber professionals to build your business.  

Connie Holen - designer & digital marketing manager

Connie Holen is the creative mastermind behind the visuals for the Business of Yoga and our Yoga Business Bootcamp participants. She's an Authorized Squarespace Trainer,  MINDBODY Ambassador and designer for Live Happy Magazine. Connie has worked with over 100 yoga professionals helping to build brands, run marketing campaigns and launch products and services.  Connect with Connie or see her work at 

Tony Felgueiras - Photographer

Tony Felgueiras is a one of the world's premier yoga photographers. He travels to yoga festivals and events around the globe from Yoga Journal Live, to Hanuman Festival, Wanderlust and more. His playful, naturalistic, expressive and curious approach to photography results in photographs that capture his client's fullest and most authentic personality and purpose in the world. Connect with Tony and see his work at


Louis "Fish" Fisher - photographer

Fish is a globally recognized, award-winning Photojournalist who travels and documents major cultural shifting – human triumphs, dreams and struggles – while co-creating inspiring content for positive action. Connect with Fish and see his work at  or on instagram @fishmakesphotos